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Fraser Island National Park

The Fraser Island National Park is located near Maryborough, to the north from Brisbane on the East Coast. On the island, occupying over 1600 square kilometers, one finds natural idyll, because the park was already in 1992 declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

There is more living space on Fraser Island, including mangroves, bush land and tropical rainforest. That is why this island is a home for more than 300 species of birds and approximately 40 species of mammals. The most famous inhabitants must be dingo, because only in this territory they live in their original appearance. On mainland dingo and domesticated dogs have so much intermingled with each other, that you will not see original exterior of these animals any more.

Scientists consider that Fraser Island is inhabited by aborigines for almost 40.000 years, at least archaeological evidence give basis for such assumptions. All necessary ecological conditions existed: Sweetwater seas inside of the island and sufficient nutrition for aboriginal inhabitants.
In 1935 Fraser Island National Park appeared in headlines due to the fact that the luxury liner S.S. Maheno sunk there during a cyclone. Resourceful inhabitants of the island used the shipwreck for celebrations, and later Australian military forces used it as an object during military exercises. Today remains of this luxury liner, which may be seen even today, don’t exactly remind of luxurious cruise liner, which plied the seas.

Because tourists do like to stay at Fraser Island there are build some hotels and camping sites. But lakes on Fraser Island suffer worsening of water quality, for example by sunscreen cosmetics. Without thorough water care future existence of one of the wonderful corners of nature will not be able to exist for long.
Sand dunes on seashore and seas are impressive. However, sand dunes may be dangerous for seas. It was calculated that within the next millennium some lakes will be buried under sand.


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