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Jardine River National Park

Jardine River National Park is located on Cape York Peninsula, northern part of Queensland. On this small piece of land run and stream a lot of small rivers, supposedly because about 130 million years ago this area was a shallow sea.

The Jardine River predominates in this National Park while being the biggest river in Queensland. Malmrock is constantly out washed and rocks look more and more like sponges.

Variety of flora is influenced by depth of ground waters, soil variations and fire. Dramatic change of soil is between rainforest and ordinary forest, between dry and humid wasteland and permanent marsh.

In Jardine River National Park visitors have a very good opportunity to study and observe birds. Especially different species of unbelievably colorful parrots. Here indwell mammals, such as wallaby and local gnawing animals. In this Park wide range of frogs represents amphibian fauna. Many of them are endangered species.

In 1770 lieutenant James Cook put the “York Cape”on a world map, but only in 1848 Edmund Kennedy pursued the first expedition to Cape York. And the first car arrived to Cape York only in 1928.

In 1977 a part of the territory was declared Jardine River National Park, and the rest of the region was named Heathlands Resource Reserve in 1968.


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