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Strathfield Council

The Strathfield council is the local governing body in Sydney Australia, and it includes the mayor. Six of the seven members on the council are elected every 4 years, next election 2008. The mayor, however, is selected by the other six members annually.

The role of the councilors is to be the voice for the people in Sydney. They cover 14.1 square kilometers with over 32,000 residents. The council is continually providing services for new residents.

The Strathfield Council places many of its initiative and developmental plans in the public’s view encouraging the community to comment and make suggestions to the council for consideration when they make their decisions. This includes draft plans and policies, and it gives the public a voice in the council which is vital for the actual concerns of the public when the council is considering important legislation and activities.

The Strathfield council does much more than just governing the community though. They also keep programs in place for tourist activities, and host events for residents. Some of these programs are so important that tourism would suffer without them.

They also help to keep the sights of Sydney beautiful as well, such as the harbor bridge, the world famous opera house, and the district known as “The Rocks”; the only colonial district remaining in the city. Thanks to the Strathfield council and other organizations, Sydney can enjoy its history in new ways, with many of the old buildings preserved and now used in new and innovative ways.

So please, when you visit Sydney Australia, thank the Strathfield council for all their hard work and dedication.

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